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Submitting information via this reservation form does not automatically confirm your reservation, or charge your credit card.


Yellow Umbrella Travel will email you a confirmation of your reservation and payment after the payment has been processed. It is your responsibility to review the invoice upon receipt to ensure 100% accuracy. Please check thoroughly for any discrepancies or errors. Yellow Umbrella Travel is NOT responsible for errors, or any fees associated with necessary changes after 24hrs of receipt.


Important Change & Cancellation Information: There is a change fee of $25 per person for the first change and $50 per person for each additional change to this reservation, for any changes that are requested or required. This may include travel date changes, name changes, room category changes, and more.


Also, there is a Cancellation fee of $150 per person for the cancellation of this reservation once it has been confirmed, with no regard to the reason for cancellation. This cancellation fee also applies to all cancellations that results in a rebooking.


Please enter your legal name(s) EXACTLY as it appears on your valid passport. Additional fees may apply if a reservation has to be changed due to incorrect information. Yellow Umbrella Travel is not liable if the information below is not entered correctly!